Alikeke 6 Pcs 2 Inch Disco Ball Mirror Party Christmas Xmas Tree Ornament Decoration with Cosmos Fastening Strap

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Get your groove on with this fun and retro disco ball earrings.
This Hanging Disco Ball is the perfect Christmas tree ornament, measuring 2" with string for decoration,this design will never go out of style.
The handcrafted feature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight.
Variations will occur from piece to piece, measurements may vary slightly.

With the reflective mini panels and 1.8" size, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor .
Shine different colored lights towards the glass mirror ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored spots all over the room.
Using the glass mirror ball during your next event will surely draw people into the middle of the dance floor, instead of staying on the side lines like we are back in high school.
Package includes 6 pcs 2 Inch mirror disco ball, great christmas ornament and party décor with a hanging string.
Recommended Use:
70's disco party
Adult dance party
Wedding decoration
Birthday party decoration
Cake decoration
Birthday Dance Party
Christmas tree decoration
New Year Ornaments