Christmas Ornament Storage - Stores up to 64 Holiday Ornaments, Adjustable Dividers, Covered Top and Two Handles. Attractive Storage Box Keeps Holiday Decorations Clean and Dry for Next Season.

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This storage box makes it simple to safely pack away your precious Christmas ornaments and know you’ll find them in perfect condition next year. This durable red fabric box is designed with three-layers that can store up to 64 ornaments (not included). Cardboard dividers ensure that each ornament stays securely in its place while you’re transporting them to and from storage. Various sized ornaments can be accommodated by moving the adjustable cardboard dividers. The top closure grants easy access, so packing and unpacking your keepsake ornaments is effortless. Packed away and all covered up, your special ornaments will be shielded from dust and dirt. Two handles make the box easy to carry from your storage to your tree. There is even a front label pocket for easy identification. The box can be collapsed and flattened, so you can tuck it out of the way during the holiday season when your ornaments are being used. The Christmas Ornament Storage box measures 12 inches wide X 12 inches deep X 12 inches high.