Klikel Glass Icicle Ornaments - Winter Decorations for Christmas Tree - Total 36 Hanging Ornaments - 18 4" and 18 6"

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Set a scene of wintry beauty with this KLIKEL Glass Icicles Ornament Set.

Watching the cold outdoors while being warm and snuggly indoors gives us warm fuzzy feelings. With this set of winter icicles, you can create that crusty warm shelter. Perfect for holiday decor on your Christmas tree, winter decor at your window or for any ice themed event.

What you get with the Klikel Glass Icicle Set:

  • Thick durable glass that will have your icicles last for next year too

  • Twisted ice design for ornaments that replicate real glistening frost

  • Thread for hanging so that you can set it up right away

  • 2 different length icicles so your winter scene looks authentic

  • Total of 36 icicles enough decor for your window and more

Where to hang the Icicle Ornament Set:

  • On your Christmas tree of course!

  • Over the fireplace

  • Around the window

  • From your ceiling

Use these twisted icicle ornaments in your home, in a lobby and at a winter themed event. Buy now for quality decor you will love!