MFFD Handmade Preserved Flower Rose, Never Withered Roses, Upscale Immortal Flowers, Eernal Life Flowers for Love Ones, Gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, Anniversary,Christmas, Holiday Present

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Color: B Purple Rose

Fresh flower, Ecuador imported flowers.
Love Forever, rose only for you. A symbol of love, the true love is especially for you.
A good gift, especially for valentines, and it will never die like a real rose.
Metal box with retro design make the rose more special.

Flower's diameter size: 1.57-1.97 inch
Outer box's size: 4.1*4.1*3.5 inch
shipping weight(included the outer box):450g

Blue, Red, Pink,Purple

Red rose--passion for ture love
Pink rose-- you're still the only one.
Blue rose-- love is pure and sincere.
Purple rose--romanti love 、 precious and unique.

Produce procedure: First dehydrate, maintain the natural structure and form,preserve

Good Features than the real flower:
1. Can keep plants characteristics at long time and not wilt.
it will never die like a real rose
2. Can keep for 3 to 5 years.
3. No pollen. Pollen allergy crowd can also be normal enjoy flower.
4. Do not need watering, without day-to-day conservation.
How to protect the preserved flower:
Keep preserved flower away from direct sunlight ang high and humid temperature,
you can enjoy its beauty as long as you can.
Dust off by blowing with a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting or use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust.

Package included:
1X Immoratal Flowers with metal box
1X outer box
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