Primode Holiday Ornament Storage Chest, with 4 Trays Holds Up to 64 Ornaments Balls, with Dividers (Red)

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Color: Red

PRIMODE super quality presents a great Ornament Storage Box & Organizer to accommodate holiday ornament & exam’s Tree Decorations to protect against dust and insects and maintain excellent quality of your keepsakes throughout the year.
the holiday storage box for Xmas decorations has heavy duty reinforced, stitched seams and riveted sturdy carry handles for easy transporting, featuring a solid panel that is placed on the bottom, the storage box has 4 panels for each layer and a lid that is easy to open and close
This Ornament Storage Box & Organizer includes Plastic tag compartment on side so that you can label your storage cubes and easily know what lies therein, and no more scouring your attic through all of your storage bins to find which ones contain your Xmas ornaments.
the ornament storage chest contains a slot to store each accessory separately, the fabric storage bins hold up to 64 ornaments, modular tray sections can be removed and configured to hold a wide variety of ornament sizes, the cube storage keeps ornaments safe and organized all year 'round with 4 levels of storage- each with 16 spots or less, if you don't use some of the dividers for larger ornaments, use this storage container for the ultimate storage, Folds flat when not in use
We offer a wide selection of Ornament Storage Box & Organizers ranging in size, color and finishes so you can be sure to find one that fits your home and holiday decor perfectly. Our storage bag is Durable and long-lasting, lightweight and tear resistant. Our goal is to be a part of your family traditions for years to come and we stand behind every item that we sell.

Primode searches worldwide and putting in the utmost effort to bring the highest standard quality production to you to meet consumer's satisfaction