Sea Team 60mm/2.36" Shatterproof Clear Plastic Christmas Ball Ornaments Decorative Xmas Balls Baubles Set with Stuffed Delicate Decorations (30 Counts, Gold)

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Product Description

  • Christmas Decoration Supplies from Sea Team Having a Christmas tree, hung with lights, ornaments, and presents placed round it - it is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Christmas ornament is a great way to remember loved ones during the winter holiday season, or for any special event. Give yourself extra motivation to festoon a unique and splendid Christmas tree with diverse Christmas decoration supplies from Sea Team. How to combine colors, designs and shapes in harmonious doesn't have to be a chore - we've made an integrated solution for you!
  • Decorating a Unique and Splendid Christmas Tree - Start from now on! Sea Team is your one stop for finding unique Holiday Christmas tree ornaments. At Sea Team, Christmas ball ornaments aren't just generic simple round ball anymore. Add a personal touch to your décor with unique decoration options - use a set of Christmas ornaments in variety of shapes, or try colored and glittering Christmas ball ornaments to decor your tree. All of our ornaments are made of premium plastic. They are shatterproof, sturdy and reusable. From a simple round ball to highly artistic designs, Christmas ornaments can be a beautiful and harmonious accent to any room.


Product's Features

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This Item Sea Team 30-Pack Ornaments Sea Team 155-Pack Ornaments Sea Team 87-Pack Ornaments Sea Team 80-Pack Ornaments Sea Team 77-Pack Ornaments
Type Ball Ornaments Ball Ornaments Assorted Ornaments Ball Ornaments Assorted Ornaments Assorted Ornaments
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Color Gold/Clear Gold/White Gold/White Gold/White Gold/White Gold/White
Quantity 30pcs 30pcs 155pcs 87pcs 80pcs 77pcs
Size 2.36" 2.36" 1.18" - 6.89" Various Sizes 1.57"/2.36"/3.15" 1.57"/4.13" 1.57" - 3.94" Various Sizes
Used Indoor/Outdoor
Hooks/Strings Included