XODUS Innovations WP660 Battery Powered Hanging Decorative Outdoor LED Pulsing 5" Finial Light with Sensor Turns-On at Dark, Green

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Style: Finial  |  Color: Green

Battery powered decorative outdoor LED ornament turns into a pulsing light show at night. The light illuminates at dark and pulses repeatedly throughout the night (approx. Cycle time is 10 seconds). operates on 3 aa batteries which go inside the ornament. Turns on at dark and off after 8 hours. Led low glow technology extends battery life to over 45 days. Completely weatherproof and best if used outside, since the photocell inside the globe needs to sense darkness to turn on. Once on, it will stay on for 8 hours then turn off. During the 8 hour "on" period it will always be lit up, but will get brighter (pulse) every 10 seconds and then fade back down to the baseline brightness. Perfect for anytime of year. No worry about running wires, plugs, or power so you can put them anywhere. Made out of shatter resistant polymer materials. Great for décor or for parties and celebrations like Christmas, fourth of July, new years or weddings.